Building Culture Through Better Recruiting

Here's what one college coach is discovering as she recruits more effectively...

Team culture.

Is there a college coach who isn’t obsessed with it? It’s the topic of books, TedTalks, and numerous articles from a growing number of experts who have their version of the secret sauce when it comes to building a program you love, and one that matches your personality and outlook.

Increasingly, coaches who we get to call clients are finding our methodical, research-based written plans we custom-design for them are helping them build that right culture they so desperately crave.

Case in point:

Here’s the simple lesson:

You can use deeper, more conversational wording in your recruiting messages to get your prospects to reveal themselves, and thereby, their character traits.

Recruiting effectively doesn’t always just mean selling them harder than the competition. It means digging deeper into who they are as a person, and what they’ll bring to your program, through smarter recruiting.

Like I said, it’s a simple lesson, and a principle that’s working more and more for college coaches who realize our approach will usually get recruits to open up more than they had in the past. Make sure you’re taking advantage of that aspect of in-depth recruiting messaging.