Vital Questions to Ask AFTER They Visit Campus

These are the questions we'd recommend asking your recruit

A lot of college coaches give their blood, sweat and tears in the lead-up to getting prospects to visiting campus.

And then afterwards, assuming (wrongly) that they now know everything they need to know about their campus and program, coaches back off and give that prospect ‘space’ so they can think about everything and make a decision.

That’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

It’s vital that you keep the conversation going by asking the prospect - and his or her parents - questions that will give you insights into what they’re thinking and feeling. And, most importantly, it prevents the process from stalling.

Try these after they visit this fall:

  • What’s your club/high school coach telling you to do at this point?

  • What are your parents saying to you?

  • Do you feel like there’s something you’re going to try and pay attention to better on your visit to another school?

  • If you came back for another visit here, what would you want to see or experience again?

  • Who on our team would you see being easy to be friends with once you’re here?

  • What are your parents telling you to do at this point in the process?

  • What would keep you from committing to us if we decided to offer you a spot on the team/scholarship?

The questions I’d recommend that you ask the parents:

  • What advice did you give _____ after the visit?

  • What did you all end up talking about the most on the way home?

  • As his/her parent, what were the big positives that stuck out to you about your visit to campus?

  • If _____ ended up saying no to us and yes to someone else down the line, why do you think that would be now that you’ve been here and seen how he/she felt about everything?

  • What surprised you the most about campus?

  • As his/her parent, what are you seeing as the next step in the decision making process?

The goal is to get them talking, and revealing what new questions they have after seeing you and your campus up close and personal.

Honey badgers don’t wait and let the situation control them. Neither should you.