What's the Right Way to Achieve Consistent Prospect Recruiting Communication?

There are some proven rules to follow - and an important distinction...

Great question from a coach a few days ago that gives me the opportunity to remind coaches about some of the recommended rules of recruiting communication, and why they’re important:

First, an important word clarification in this coach’s question:

It’s not about only reaching out to them once every 6 to 9 days, it’s about making sure you’re reaching out to the at least every 6 to 9 days. The problem we see most coaching staffs struggle with is a lack of consistent contact with recruits, and this rule - developed from prospect feedback over nearly two decades of research - is designed to ensure the right flow of consistent communication about you, your campus and your program is being delivered.

Second, we need to separate the two aspects of communication that this coach references:

Your letters and emails make the case, through your ongoing story, about why they should compete for you, and how you are going to be better than their other choices.

Your phone calls, texts and Zoom calls allow you to connect personally and have a conversation.

Two very different forms of communication, with different goals: One is to inform and sell, the other is to connect and build a relationship. One touches the brain, the other touches the heart…and you need both to win over recruits, especially with everything that is going on in our college recruiting world right now.

How often should you reach out with text messages and calls to connect with them? As often as you feel makes sense. Most of you know what that should be, recruit by recruit, based on their personality and where they’re at in the process.

Just understand that this is a separate layer than the recommended 6-9 day communication through a message that comes in the form of an email, letter or social media post. Again, one layer has the goal of informing, the other layer has the goal of connecting.

You need to be doing both with every recruit.

Building consistent communication with your prospects

You can do it on your own, and many coaches are successful in that effort. It just takes time and organization, as well as an understanding of what your prospects want to hear, and what objections - specific to your campus - need to be overcome. If you feel like you’re equipped to handle it, formulate your plan and move forward.

If you want help, and your coaching staff doesn’t happen to be working with us one-on-one to develop that outline and messaging plan for you, find out how we can do that for you, and email us if you’d like to talk to figure out if it might be right for you to work with us on a client basis. We’re good at what we do, surprisingly cost effective, and have a two decade history of success.

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