Asking Your College Recruit What's Wrong

Did you know it's easier for them to talk about what's wrong vs. what's right?

You’ve got recruits on campus this weekend.

And maybe if it’s not this weekend, it’s coming up soon.

With the visit comes the Herculean effort of getting a 17-year old student-athlete to talk so you can connect with them so you can recruit them so they’ll compete for you so you can keep your college coaching job.

Here’s some advice you can use immediately. This weekend, or next weekend, or next month. It’s the 100% sure fire way to get them to talk, think and engage.

It’s asking them what’s wrong. (But maybe not in the way that you’re thinking).

  • “Tell me about the wrong type of college for you?”

  • “Who would you say would be the wrong coaching personality for you to work with as your next coach?”

  • “What’s the wrong type of college setting for you? Big city, or small college town?”

Asking them about what they see as the wrong fit for them is going to get them talking like you haven’t seen before, and you’ll know it’s the truth because they’ll struggle to verbalize it (unlike the memorized answers they give you to the everyday, common questions coaches usually ask).

Try it and let me know how it works.

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