Coronavirus, College Recruiting and You

We’ve reached the point where Coronavirus is now staring college athletics straight in the face, unapologetically, and forcing us to change our approach midway through the game. Whenever we’re forced to go off-script, away from our game plan, and down roads we’ve never traveled, we start to sweat a little. We’re all creatures of habit and routine, and we’ve all been jolted out of it abruptly. I got an email yesterday from my friends at the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, notifying their members and presenters, like me, that this year’s convention has been canceled. That’s sad. I know fans, coaches and those who are your vendors and suppliers are scrambling to make sense of everything that’s going on. And whether you think we aren’t doing enough as a society, or you think the NCAA and the rest of the world is over-reacting, it is what it is.

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