What is Honey Badger Recruiting?

It’s the approach we want college coaches to take in their role as a college recruiter.

In the work we’ve done with college coaches since 2005, Tudor Collegiate Strategies has earned the reputation as the nation’s leader in exclusive research, training and services for high level college athletics around the country.

Our philosophy: Today’s college coach has to pursue prospects and relentlessly recruit if they’re going to be successful.

In other words, coaches need to take a Honey Badger approach to the process. Don’t know what that is? This YouTube video should sum it up.

This is for the college coach that takes recruiting seriously.

47,000 college coaches subscribe to our weekly Tuesday email newsletter, and listen to our popular College Recruiting Weekly podcast, but some of you have been asking for more.

“Hey Dan, could you start sending out a shorter daily version of everything you do so we’ll always have a fresh focus on recruiting?”

Challenge accepted.

But know this:

Honey Badger Recruiting is going to be designed for coaches who takes this part of their job as a college coach seriously. It’ll include insights we’ll only share with you, and my goal is to stretch you as a coach, whether you’re in year four or year forty.

Coach, you are a sales professional. If you don’t believe that, and embrace it, you won’t be coaching in college athletics very long. Follow me, and I’ll make you unstoppable.

We’re in this together.

In other words, I guess we’re kind of like a pack of Honey Badgers. We’re going to create a community that loves what they do, and dominates their poor, defenseless competitors who don’t know how to build a college program through recruiting.

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