Warning to Coaches: This Happens When You Hold Firm

Sticking to your timeline has consequences. Good ones.

Got this text message from a Division I client last night:

The backstory:

We’ve been working with this staff to create a timeline for their recruits, establish a fair but firm deadline, and hold to it. (If you’re interested, we outline that whole process in one of our podcast episodes here.)

This coach followed the plan, and it paid off.

In the text, the coach also offers an example of what commonly happens when you, as a coach and recruiter, are tempted to be wishy-washy when it comes to deadlines:

The dad asks for just a little more time.

Seems fair, right? I mean, it’s only a few weeks…it’s a big decision, and you don’t want to be the mean coach who ‘forces’ them to make a decision they’re not ready to make, right?


It’s not fair to you.

It’s not fair for you to have to sacrifice your needs, and your control over the process in putting your team together the way you want to, in exchange for your prospect’s ever-changing timeline.

The questions I want you to think about today: If this coach had given the prospect and her family more time…

  • what does that decision communicate about you and your program to the prospect?

  • by changing the timeline for them, does that tell them you are a strong program or a weak program?

  • do you gain control over the process, or lose control over the process?

  • do you sleep better at night, or toss and turn a little?

This coach won a big one last night, and is waking-up to a newfound sense of control and purpose. I challenge you to do the same.

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