A Step-by-Step Guide for Coaches on Setting Timelines and Deadlines


This past week of posts has been amazing.

Not because they are especially well-written, or anything to do with me, but because of what naturally transpired with several of our clients (which all of our clients and subscribers saw unfold, day after day).

This weekend, we wanted to try to give you a practical, real-world application for how to implement this in your program:

We had a conversation with a track and field coach over the phone yesterday, and he was kind enough to let all of you learn from his experiences. We had worked with his athletic department through one of our on-campus recruiting workshops we do around the country, and he needed some help implementing one of the big things we focus on when we get the chance to work closely with coaches in that setting:

Establishing a realistic, beneficial timeline and setting a fair but firm deadline.

Click the player at the top of this post and spend 29 minutes this weekend listening to his questions, our suggested solutions, and if any of it could apply to you (spoiler alert: it will).

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It was a good week to be one of our Honey Badger Recruiting subscribers.

One of our newer readers, who coaches a Division II program on the west coast, sent an email saying, “honestly, I’ve learned more about how to define a timeline for my prospects in the last few days than I have in the past nine years of college coaching.”

That’s what this is all about.

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