The question gets asked at all levels. Here's an answer that we've seen work best.
Most were junior college students, but it's spreading to four year schools, too
There's a subtle difference between the two. Coaches need to learn the difference.
Your prospect's outlook is continually changing. Your job is to keep up with it.
How do successful coaches balance realistic expectations with wanting the best?
A static list isn't something that usually results in good recruiting
Midway and later in the recruiting process, you need to give them reasons to follow
(most of the time, that's what you should be asking)
Sometimes, a prospect will visit campus by themselves - or with only one parent. That's a's why, and how to overcome it successfully
The Fall of 2021 has produced some changes in the way parents are helping their sons and daughters make decisions...
For 99.997% of you, there's another college that's ranked higher than you are on some website or magazine somewhere. Don't let that defeat you.
With parents more involved than ever in the decision process, deepening your conversation on this topic is essential with them.